Journal Entry #10

March 28, 2011

It is astounding how much can happen in two weeks. I was re-reading my first entries earlier and thinking on the darkness I referred to: The bombings, the wars, the politicians vomiting their well worded though empty rhetoric. The unemployed, the disenfranchised, the nationalist, the socialist, the weeping masses all huddled together, clinging to one another in fear, consuming the idioms of well dressed men, pleading “help us, help us” to the very same evil that had cast their pitiable lots upon them.

We have secured ourselves well enough for now. We managed to move some cars that had been left behind and blockaded the front entrance into a bottle neck for anyone or anything trying to enter. We taken anything of value we could from them, spare parts, batteries, tires. We’ve reinforced the rear fence that backs into the highway and have set up observation positions in a few of the houses that overlook that rearward approach. We are working on more permanent barricades there, to deny it as a viable point of entry.

There are Forty-Two of us all together: fourteen men, seventeen women and eleven children. Only about fifteen of us are armed and proficient. I wish it were more, but it is what it is. Most of our weapons consist of six shot wheel guns and some shotguns for bought for home defense. A few of us have rifles, mostly AR-15’s and AK’s, which is good as it gives us two very common calibers that we can share or scavenge if need be. My own AK has not left my side since the day at the check-point, neither have my .45’s. Your mother has resorted to carrying around her 9mm carbine and Glock 17 everywhere now. She’s fairly impressive with it too

John Ashcroft and his son Michael, James Brien, David Wesley, Alexander Pedron, and myself were the only ones that stayed and fought at the gate that day. James, or Jim as he was known, didn’t get to come home. He left behind his wife Diane and his five year old daughter Stephanie. Understandably, they haven’t taken it very well.

The other four and I are planning on doing a quick raid of the grocery store that is about a half mile down the road. Well be leaving here shortly, around 8 a.m. We aren’t sure what we will encounter, but we at least have an idea now of what to expect. We surely won’t be the only ones in the area with the idea, nor likely the first.

We finally got something other than static on the radio last night as well. One of the AM stations had a looping transmission from various government agencies. FEMA was advising that all people should stay indoors and away from large crowds. If we must go out, we should wear medical masks and gloves and limit physical contact with other people. Most curfews are still apparently in effect. The people at the CDC came on to give us some “advice” on how to deal with an “Infected Person”. That’s what they are calling those things, “Infected Persons”. Their advice will get a lot of well intentioned people killed. They can “approach them slowly and calmly” all they want, but I’m staying as far the hell away from them as I can, and any of them that get close are going to meet the business end of my gun.

The president came on after the FEMA and CDC folks. He droned on about how critical of a time this is for Americans, how we must band together and face this adversity together and not be too proud to ask for help, nor too callous to give any. Then in an ironic twist he announced how he and those surviving members of the congress were holed up in some mountain retreat for the “continuity of the nation.” Probably surrounded by a few thousand of America’s best, eating steaks and sipping brandy.

I must leave you now; Michael and John are here in their truck. Looks like they picked up a couple extra recruits. Let’s hope for the best.

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