Journal Entry# 4 (continued)

Journal Entry# 4 (continued)
March 22, 2011

It’s dark now; the streets are locked down for the night. I hope they are open in the morning, if not we'll just have to find a way around. Ill be goddamned if I’m going to be a prisoner in this townhouse. Power is sporadic from vandalism to power lines and poles during the riots. This has taken land line phone service down, as well as most internet. Cell phones still get reception, but the lines are so bogged down, finding a connection is difficult.

Supply inventory was good. We had always tried to keep a good surplus of food stuffs around. In the back of my mind, an event like this always lingered, but we did it for more realistic reasons. When the family business finally closed its last office down last year, I was under no illusions that finding more work would be easy. It wasn’t easy to convince everyone else about that fact. We were quite grateful to have some extra things around the house, like food, toilet paper, etc that we could use for the few months it took us to find half decent work. The down side is of course now, we have that much less.

Water is not a real issue in South Florida: the whole state is water. I feel confidant enough in our Berkey filters to handle most of the retention ponds and canals around here. That and a good hard boil in the pressure canner ought to kill off anything unsavory.

Seven months of food for four people doesn’t exactly fit into a cupboard. As good as I am at stowing things away, we will have to leave some of it behind, or give it to neighbors that chose to stay. We aren’t leaving much room in the Grand Cherokee for anything but essentials, and that means Food, Water, Bullets and People.

Were leaving first thing in the morning, before any day time curfews hit here. May have to make two trips. If so, I’ll come back alone, I’ll be able to move faster that way and carry more in the car. If something happens, at least you and your mother will be safe.

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