Journal Entry #3

May 21, 2011

We were watching the evening news after dinner. Something wasn’t right. The usual methodical news-speak the anchors talk in that drives me crazy was displaced by a trembling and uneasy quiver. The entirety of it seemed to be a parody done by nervous freshman on their first day of Improv class.

This uneasiness only grew through out the broadcast. The two anchors repeatedly shifted their eyes left and right off camera, bobbing or shaking their heads while they searched for some distant object or person unseen. They reported on the local little league try outs, on the unusually cool weather, the DOW moving 1% up to 4,100. Every tiny facet of information you never needed to know and not a single sentence of anything important.

The broadcast ended early, a good twenty minutes early. It simply never returned after the last commercial break and went into some Ab-workout infomercial. The relevant bits of information they did, however briefly, report on convince me that our decision to leave here tomorrow was a wise one. The National Guard has set up road blocks across the state just north of Indian River county. They aren’t letting any more refugees further south unless they can prove they have a destination or permanent residence ready for them. I cant say it’s the most illogical move, there’s only so far south one can go before you have to start swimming to get anywhere else.

We only wonder at the reason for the odd broadcast. The imagination has a bit of help with all that’s going. Martial Law? Universal quarantines? Riots getting worse? A sunset curfew was enacted shortly after the attacks. I’ve heard rumors that day time ones will follow for all “non essential persons”. We learned during the hurricanes back in 2004 and 2005 that curfews mean exactly shit. I’ve slept with my .45 next to me for a while now, but as of late the rifle and shotgun have accompanied it. I may sleep downstairs from now on. We set the alarm as always, but as always police response is slow, some nights its non existent. We’ve never relied on it, theres not much they can do anyways.

I cant wait to leave this place and get away from the bulk of the population

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