Journal Entry#1 "For My Daughter"

May 14, 2011

In the late hours of a Thursday morning, the world was over come by the quiet darkness that had concealed itself for so many decades. Though, concealed does not accurately describe it, for that would imply that the darkness had a mind and actions its own and chose to stay hidden. It was we that chose, instead, to hide from it. Apathetically, we ignored the overwhelming alarms with a great indifference. The darker side of our nature we glossed over like a painter covering an errant brush mark, only to realize later that the canvas itself, its very structure, was corrupted and deficient.

I can’t pretend that I was surprised when the first bombings occurred. We had been waiting some years for it. After the Iran-Israel war began a few months ago, the American media and Government started beating the war drums with a harried fervor. The problem was that our military was still tied up empire building in Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting a near decade long war of inane persistence. It didn’t stop us from using our key military locations on either side of Iran to bomb their nuclear refinement sites and send military incursions into border cities.

Three hundred thousand were reported dead in the first week; Seventy-five thousand in the US. I remember what it was like watching the events of 9/11 unfold. I was young then, without much experience in these matters. Now, having lived through its aftermath, I am almost disaffected by it. So many years of screaming at the top of ones lungs into a deaf ear and a blank face of every family member and friend you have will do that. Eventually you just stop screaming. Watching them then, as we sat around a glowing television, it was as if some esoteric truth was birthed in our collective minds simultaneously. Disbelief, bewilderment, disillusionment, whatever it was that has previously kept them all so docile was shattered. They looked at me like I had been some long awaited harbinger. I tried to resist the urge, but couldn’t hold back the “I told you so’s” any longer.

Saying false flag to the great majority of folks gets one branded as a lunatic. Questioning the event itself is met with overt hostility, some deep seeded violence that lies deep within a person and erupts as the most last ditch and brutal incarnation of denial. The events and subsequent handling of them were so mind numbingly wanton that the only reaction a person could have would be to implant the palm of their hand deep in the far recesses of their face.

Regardless, the long lasting impact of this can already be felt. It’s not been a month since these ‘terrorist’ bombings around the globe and the “never forget” rally cry is being repainted across every car window and store front. Patriotism and Nationalism are once again being parroted among the masses as long since retired flags are being dusted off and hoisted high.

Thousands are still succumbing to the effects of the “dirty bombs”. Hospitals around the target cities are being so overrun that entire states are having their medical infrastructure pushed to the breaking point. Last night they said the refugees from the Denver blast have completely filled the border towns of every state surrounding Colorado. Florida is taking in untold sums of people fleeing Atlanta. All of our state wide hurricane provisions have been sent north to deal with them. National Guard and Police forces have been battling rioters, refugees and just about anything that moves as cities burn around the country.
Reports from around the world aren’t dissimilar. Europe took quite a bit of damage, as did many key cities in the middle east, casting already unstable regions into third world hell holes in a matter of days.

If any of us were waiting for the shit to hit the fan, I think the whole fan is coming down.


  1. Nice story i have been doing one myself a while transferring, love the zombies

  2. This is good, one of a fair deal of good zombie stories I have written. Great work, I really liked the opening.